A broad spectrum of housing options are available in South Central Indiana, ranging from executive housing to entry-level homes and apartments. The stable housing market of the region offers some of the best values with homes designed to meet most every need.

The combination of historic homes, new neighborhoods and unique architecture makes the South Central Indiana region an area that truly has something for everyone.

Great Housing Values
Real estate prices are among the most reasonable, and a simple drive through the region will testify to the pride and commitment that residents have in their communities. The South Central Indiana region reflects a pleasant mixture of historic homes, modern subdivisions and new housing editions that are conveniently located and well designed. As a region of distinctive neighborhoods, South Central Indiana’s cost of living remains affordable. Living here is easier on your wallet than living in nearby metropolitan areas such as Louisville, Cincinnati or Indianapolis.

Living in South Central Indiana
For any resident or newcomer interested in purchasing a home, there are many available on the housing market within the South Central Indiana region — and if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, a number of experienced architects and builders that will work with you in your quest for the perfect place to call “home”. If you prefer to rent, numerous rental properties are available through the eight-county region.

Interested homeowners and even curious visitors would enjoy the historic neighborhoods that sprinkle throughout the South Central Indiana region. If your dream is to own a revitalized, historic residence, look no further than the hometowns of our spectacular region.