Highly Educated

A thriving business and industry relies on a capable, knowledgeable and engaged workforce. In South Central Indiana, that’s precisely what we offer for industries and businesses looking to grow or establish their presence. Our region holds a diverse workforce spanning various industries, and we take great pride in our highly educated workforce. Indiana is third in the nation for residents who’ve graduated high school or obtained the equivalent.

Diverse Pool of Talent

The ten counties of South Central Indiana are made up of small communities rooted in traditional values. This cultural foundation has fostered a labor force with outstanding work ethics and a strong commitment to traditional values. Yet, within this region, you will find a diversity through the population, nature and geography, as well as the cultural and recreational attractions. This diversity provides a variety of locations for both its people and business, from sophisticated urban centers to rural and wilderness settings.

Education and Training

South Central Indiana’s educational system, spanning from K-12 schools to universities and community colleges, is finely tuned to equip its workforce with the skills required to succeed in today’s high-tech work environment. Moreover, we offer customized training programs to meet specific needs. Here in South Central Indiana, employees can establish their careers while staying up-to-date with the latest skills through a multitude of educational resources and professional organizations. 

The South Central Indiana USA’s extensive networks of academic institutions provide an important resource for continuing education and vocational education programs. In addition, South Central Indiana’s Workforce Centers are available to provide employers recruitment assistance, as well as helping employees with job search, job placement, and training. This region is the home of many progressive businesses seeking the values, attitudes and work ethic that are found here.

Proud, Prosperous and Growing Communities

The South Central Indiana Economic Development Group is dedicated to the growth and prosperity of South Central Indiana, USA and prepared to assist you in your business’ growth or relocation. We know what you need and expect.

Data Points

Pipeline of Workers in the South Central Indiana Region

The following data was collected in 2021:

  • 9.3% of local adults hold an Associate’s Degree 
  • 15.1% of local adults hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • 28,769 local adults hold a Graduate, Professional or Doctorate
  • 6 Colleges and Universities are located in this region