State of Indiana Increases Industry-Specific Regional Marketing Efforts

State of Indiana Increases Industry-Specific Regional Marketing Efforts

The IEDC has announced a new grant program to further domestic business. The state will award matching funds of up to $100,000 to each of the state’s nine regions to support domestic business development trips and site selector visits, increasing the frequency and consistency of economic development professionals sharing the story of Indiana’s pro-growth business climate across the country.

The Southeast Indiana Region has 21 counties that are working together to market their communities for new business growth. Targeting Business sectors such as Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace and Aviation (including Defense and Cybersecurity), Ag Bioscience, Life Sciences, and Logistics, among others will be primarily addressed by meeting and building relationships with Site Selectors and Real Estate Professionals in markets such as Chicago, Phoenix, Atlanta, Charlotte, Dallas, and New York. Meetings with companies and other organizations are planned in Oak Ridge TN, Asheville, NC and Cleveland, OH.

“In Indiana, we’ve spent years building a pro-growth business climate that is now recognized as best in the Midwest and fifth in the nation,” Gov. Holcomb said. “We must continue to lead in order to remain competitive and propel our economy forward into the 21st century.”

In Southeast Indiana, the total marketing expenditures for the three regional groups working in these counties is expected to be $251,000. To assist the Regional Marketing efforts of the I-74 Business Corridor, South East Indiana Growth Alliance and the South Central Indiana Marketing Region, a total of $93,438 was approved by the IEDC.

“The IEDC has always been a great partner for marketing our region”, said Darrell Voelker, President of South Central Indiana Regional Marketing, “and now this grant program will provide us with resources to greatly expand our efforts.”

Proactive marketing to generate business leads will help Southeast Indiana remain competitive, with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation’s grant program as a catalyst for new projects and exploring new markets. For example, in June 2018, a team from South Central Indiana and the I-74 Business Corridor participated in the Consultants Forum hosted by Area Development in Charlotte, N.C. National Site Selection Consultants made presentations about trends in the Economy and in Foreign Direct Investment as well as many other timely topics that may impact New Investment, Real Estate Demand and Job Growth during the year ahead.

South Central Indiana representatives also participated in the Select USA Summit in Washington D.C. and the members of their team met with more than 20 Corporate Executives that lead international companies currently seeking to expand their investment in the United States.  After attending the Consultants Forum and the Select USA Summit, Voelker commented, “These marketing opportunities for Southeast Indiana provide for great networking among companies, consultants and colleagues. The IEDC grant program gives our regional marketing groups the chance to participate in more activities than ever before”.

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