Seymour Approves Tax Abatements for $47 Million in Investments

Seymour Approves Tax Abatements for $47 Million in Investments

On May 13, 2019, Seymour City Council approved tax abatements for more than $47 million in investments from Aisin USA Manufacturing Inc. and The Andersons Inc.

Aisin is investing nearly $42 million for the purchase and installation of new equipment, as well as renovations of existing equipment at two of its facilities in the Eastside Industrial Park. The projects are not expected to create any new jobs, however officials tell the publication they will help retain more than 1,800 positions.

Aisin manufactures automotive components for various Toyota, Honda, Chevrolet, Subaru and Lexus vehicles. The projects are expected to begin in June and take two years to complete.

The Andersons Inc. plans to invest $5.2 million to add new equipment at its nutrient manufacturing plant in Seymour, adding five new jobs. The company plans to begin installing the equipment by the end of this month and be complete by the end of November.

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