Sellersburg, Indiana Selects Smith as First Town Manager

Sellersburg, Indiana Selects Smith as First Town Manager

After vetting 70+ applicants and conducting a very competitive interview process, the Town Council for the town of Sellersburg, IN (“Council”) selected Charles “Charlie” Smith to serve as the first town manager.  The Council understands the town is poised for significant growth and it determined that now was the time to hire a full-time manager to assist in the management and growth for the future. Smith is expected to start work in mid-February. He will be stepping down as the CEO of the Building & Development Association of Southern Indiana and currently sits on a number of municipal and non-profit boards.

“We have a lot of exciting things going on in Town. I encourage everyone to be optimist and be positive. With this new Council, residents are going to see a big increase of improvements in the Town. There is no one happier than myself to see Charlie Smith as part of Town of Sellersburg,” said Town Council President Brad Amos in the Monday night’s council meeting.  “I know Charlie is the person to help this Town grow and to help our community.”

Without a mayor, the Council serves as the town’s executive, legislative, and fiscal bodies. However, as town manager, Smith will operate under the direction of the Council and be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town in accordance with Indiana statue.

Additional Quotes:

“All of the candidates that participated in the interviews were extremely qualified, but in the end, the Council determined that Mr. Smith was the best fit for the direction it wanted to take the town.”

Town Council Attorney – Jake Elder

“I could not be more excited and honored to be selected as the first Town Manager of Sellersburg! There will undoubtedly be challenges to move the Town in the direction this Council wants to go. However, I am excited to meet those challenges head-on. My goal, along with the Council, is to make Sellersburg the best place to live in Southern Indiana. I can’t wait to work towards improving the town for the current and future residents and businesses.”

In-coming Town Manager of Sellersburg – Charlie Smith

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