Logistics company coming to Decatur County

Logistics company coming to Decatur County

A logistics company coming to Decatur County will generate approximately 60 jobs within the next two years, city officials say.

And a road to accommodate for the pending project was recently approved.

The project is set to launch after the city approves the design template for a road near CR 350 W., which is expected to occur within the next few weeks. Jobs from Midwest Logistics, which will act as a hauler for Honda vehicles, will include maintenance and truck driving positions, Greensburg-Decatur County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) executive director Marc Coplon said.

Talks in regards to the project have been ongoing for the last several months among the city, the developer, the Decatur County Redevelopment Commission, and Midwest Logistics, according Coplon.

However, the Greensburg Board of Works just recently agreed to approve the project as outlined, but asked that the maintenance of the road be a joint effort between the city and Decatur County Redevelopment Commission, board member Glen Tebbe said.

Tebbe added that he expects the road to benefit Decatur County.

“I expect it to have a positive impact in regards to good paying jobs,” Tebbe said.

The project will include a gravel road, and eventually one that will be paved. The county’s redevelopment commission will reimburse a developer for construction of the temporary gravel access and eventually the permanent road. The commission receives money from the Honda Tax Increment Financing (TIF) District.

Following the meeting, Coplon also mentioned that another prospect is eyeing the area, which could potentially add even more job opportunities.

“This is great,” Coplon said. “This starts a process of filling Adams Industrial Park. We have another prospect who is looking seriously at this site, which could generate over 100 jobs.”

For Coplon, the work among the city, the redevelopment commission, the developer and Midwest Logistics doesn’t go unnoticed.

“What’s really important to me is the relationship between the four entities that came together to make this work,” Coplon said.

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