AISIN Drivetrain, Inc. Announces Expansion

AISIN Drivetrain, Inc. Announces Expansion

Aisin Drivetrain Inc. (ADI) has announced plans to add a new line of business to its Crothersville location, and will invest over $7 million in the process.

The Crothersville Town Council approved 10-year tax abatement for the company’s $7 million investment in manufacturing equipment and 5-year abatement for a $200,000 investment for IT equipment. This year’s investment is the 3rd of 3 phases of growth by the company.

Currently, ADI employs 404 people with annual salaries of $22.2 million. To date, the expansion, which started in 2018, has resulted in 36 new employees. The company had estimated that between 35 and 47 new jobs would be created as a result of the entire 3-year expansion.

Scott Shade, president of ADI, said the new manufacturing equipment will be for Toyota and Lexus steering column model changes and for an electric water pump. It will consist of machining centers and several different types of assembly machines.

He said the electric water pump, which is for the Toyota Camry, is just the start of the new electrification business at Crothersville.

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